Lithium ion battery life

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    Having owned an EV since 2015, I've been keeping a very close eye on real life performance of lithium ion battery packs.

    We are all use to the battery packs in our phones/laptops dying after 2-3 years, so many people were rightly worried about the same thing happening with EVs. After all no one has any real life experience of how long a battery pack will last in an EV, not even the battery manufactures!!

    Nissan and Tesla were the first companies to really introduce usable EVs into the market in the early 2010's period, and we are now getting some real life data about battery degradation, and it's really looking very promising.

    The videos below I think sum up the real life data accumulated to date.

    The summary - If properly thermally regulated (like Tesla/BWM packs are), degradation is less than 10% after 500,000 miles, and the 'shelf life' of the cells is probably in the decades (0.35% degradation per year). Essentially lithium battery tech is proving to be much more durable than previously thought, it is likely most of the EVs been sold today with good thermal management will never need their battery packs replacing before the rolling chassis gets to the point of needing to be scrapped.


    The myth of lithium ion TESLA battery calendar...

    Tesla packs in particular seem to be very resilient, despite been fully charged every day after 200K there is only 6% battery degradation and still on original brakes!!

    At 200,000 Miles, This Tesla Model S Experienced Only 6% Battery Degradation

    The exception to this is the packs in the Leaf, which are not thermally regulated. Early packs with first gen chemistry have degraded quite badly in hot climates, though current generation packs should last better. However longterm data on the 2nd gen packs isn't available yet as the earliest gen 2 cars are only 3 years old.

    Nissan LEAF Battery Below 8 Bars and no Warranty

    Hopefully people will find some of this data reassuring when making decisions about switching to EVs.

    Certainly on a car with liquid cooled/warmed battery pack, so Tesla or BMW battery degradation seems to be an non-issue, until you get to 500K miles.

    Cars like the Leaf/Kia/Hyundai only have air cooled/warmed packs will likely have worse degradation performance.
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