LiteOn LVW-5115 Picture Quality and 16:9


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I have a LiteOn LVW-5115 teamed with Sky+. Am using the VCR out SCART on the Sky box and SCART IN on the LiteOn, and finding that the picture quality is quite ropey.

On the Sky menu, there is a lot of dot crawl all around the menu and lettering, the colours are a bit washed out and there is a lot of aliasing as well. I understand that the LiteOn is not doing RGB in, but the picture seems to be worse than I'd expect.

Have tried different SCART cables and also have tried the RGB SCART from the Sky+ into the recorder without any improvement.

Secondly, when recording to DVD and playing back in a PC, 16:9 programs are played back squashed into 4:3 aspect - it seems like the DVD recorder is not setting the anamorphic flag and so that other DVD players know its a 16:9 source.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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i cant offer much advice i'm afraid as i'm suffering from the same problems with the liteon, i've tried setting my freeview box to 4:3LB and this corrects the aspect ratio problem but seems to reduce the picture quality as i presume i'm also recording the black bars, i think that the 5115 doesn't record in 16:9 properly and i think i may take mine back.

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I bought the Liteon LVW-5115GHC+. Is this the same one that your both talking about?

I have the same problem with the 16:9 issue. As for recording quality I wouldn't put any more than 2 hours on a disc. The minute you go over 2 hours the quality really is reduced.
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