Liteon 5045 - Questions on menu control system and RF out


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I'm thinking of getting a LIteon 5045 but have yet to get hold of one to try out. Before I get too excited can someone with some experience of this machine please answer a couple of questions.

1) What is the on screen menu system like to use? Does it interface with teletext to allow you to pick programs by name or must you key in date & time details or Videoplus numbers to set up a recording? Do you have to enter the title manually?

2) Does it have a regular RF out coax socket?



Just sent mine back, after 8 weeks use it developed various faults, including stopping recording 5 mins b4 timer function should finish, you can imagine how annoying that was. :mad:
Tried the link in previous post but keep getting page cant be displayed message. Hope this helps in your search for a reliable recorder

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