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Liteon 5006B Trashing discs

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by criticalmass, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. criticalmass

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    Feb 28, 2005
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    Has anyone had any problems with a Liteon 5006B trashing blanks? I've had the unit for about 2 month now and lately its just destroying blanks for the fun of it.
    Both DVD-RW & DVD+RW. I started off thinking it was being very picky with media when they would work once or twice then i'd come to format a +RW, it'd get to 84% formatted and fail. Even formatting in a PC then putting it back into the Liteon to try and format again wouldn't work.
    I also had some problems with DVD-R when recording through the DV In, Datawrite -R with CMC dye, worked when i used them 3 weeks ago, tried the other night and it killed 3 of them, i ended up having to record to the trusty Verbatim -RW then copy across on my PC..
    However the only disc that consistantly worked was my Verbatim -RW disc until tonight when i formatted it, then did a quick preperation which failed half way through & now the disc is unusable. PC won't even recognise it.
    Getting just a bit sick of having to constantly replace media cos it trashes them.
    Anyone else suffering the same problems? :confused: :confused:

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