Liteon 5006 Invalid Disc on playback

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    Have had a Liteon 5006 for a about 2 months which has been working fine, although we had to upgrade the firmware initially to get it to record sky tv.
    In the last week it has started to create some expensive coasters, if anyone can advise, it would be much appreciated.
    The symptoms are a disc appears to record as normal, but when I try to play back on the recorder (before closing the disc), it cannot be read and I get a message Invalid Disc.

    What I've done so far :

    Powered off the recorder, unplugged leads and powered back up - no change.

    Reset to defaults in the system menu, powered off etc - no change.

    After another default reset, as a test recorded 1 minute from tv, looked in disc menu and it played back fine. Recorded a further minute, which also played back. Repeated this process a few times, all playing back normally. On the same disc, recorded random tv for an hour, then got the invalid disc message. :confused:

    It was working ok last week, what could have suddenly changed?

    Thanks for your help

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