Lite-on DVD Burner - £86

Bought this baby a couple of weeks ago. Its basically an OEM version of the LiteOn LDW-811s. I've now force-flashed the firmware so it now IS an LDW-811s.

Lovely piece of kit and a steal at £60.
Just bought one myself and IMO is great buy. By the way GlennTheBaker, how do you force-flash it? I'd like to do that myself.
Hi Mitch2000.

Download a utility called FlashFix from HERE followed by the latest firmware for the LDW-811s from HERE. Follow the instructions on the FlashFix page and Bob's your uncle!

There are a couple of utilities from LiteOn which you may find useful. Follow the link from the firmware page.

Have fun!
Hi GlennTheBaker,

Well that was easy. I'd already downloaded the firmware from Liteon last weekend and couldn't get it to work. With your help it took less than 5 mins.

Many Thanks
No worries, Mitch. I can't take any credit for the info though - I found it on the forum pages of There's loads of info and help for all manner of subjects.

All the best.
Is this DVD burner still available for £60 anywhere? and is it a good burner to get?

Does it cover all the formats at all?


The place where I got it from appears to have sold out. The drive is actually called a DRW-1S81 so you might have some joy if you do a search for that on Google or whatever.
I've been using one of these for a couple of weeks and for me it has been faultless. I was bit worried it wouldn't work on my 3 year old 800AMD PC but it's fine. Burnt a few cheap DVD+R's and some dearer Ritek DVD-R's. CDR's are a breeze burning in about 4 mins.
If you can find one it's well worth it.

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