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Just discovered Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire which is quite amazing, really.
Amazing that DJI would provide an API for their drones and that some other company would create software to enhance the capabilities of the drone by providing new and exciting functionality.
So if the DJIGo app doesn't give you enough stuff, Litchi is somewhere else to look.
It seems to be aimed at people wanting to automate the flying so they can concentrate on the cinematography.
I'm looking to get a Mavic Pro in the new year (if I order now) and the ability to share waypoint programs looks absolutely amazing functionality.
Going to dive in to a bunch of YouTube videos explaining it starting here.

So a collection of instructions are called missions and there are people around me who have shared theirs so i could upload them to my Mavic and fly the same flight path and record the same view.
Can even create missions by drawing them on a google map.
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