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Hi all

I have a digital piano which I am learning to play along with an on-line Udemy course on my laptop. However, I dont want to annoy the family and neighbours with my poor piano playing so I want to be able to use my headphones which is easy enough to do on my piano but I want to be able to hear the course instructors and play along to music from the laptop too. So hence my title question, how can I achieve feeding my laptop sound and Piano through to my headphones at the same time.

My piano headphone output is a 6.3mm jack. My laptop is 3.5mm, headphones have a 3.5mm plug with a 6.3mm adapter.

So is there a 2 input audio cable for this scenario or do I have to buy mixer? Mixers seems to be a bit excessive for my needs but would that be my only option?



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Thank you for responding techiam2, I forgot about my post which was 12 days ago. Naturally, since then I would have found my solution.

The cable you show wouldn't have been a good quality solution and so decided to opt for a mixer for best quality.

So I ended up with purchasing this delightful little 5 input USB mixer:

Also, I hadn't realised how awful my laptop built in sound-card was as I was always using my Logitech G35 USB headset which I overlooked the fact it had its own superior sound-card built in. But the mixer being a USB has its own sound-card so using my lovely Brainwav HM5 headphones, laptop audio is fantastic fed through the USB mixer and of course I can also feed my Digital piano too and adjust each of the devices volume and 2 channel graphic equaliser on the mixer.

So £34 was the cost of my solution and well worth it.

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