List your Wii U controllers (and your views on them)


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1 motion plus + nunchuk (official)
3 standard wiimotes + motion plus attachment + nunchuks (official)
1 classic controller
1 pro controller
1 gamecube (hori) pad
4 steering wheels
wii fit board

That's enough for all of the 4 and 5 player minigames from nintendo land, mario party etc that I play.
I've got enough to get 6 players in on super smash. wouldn't mind a couple more but it's rare we have 8 players and not particularly keen on spending extra for them. I think the last thing on my shopping list may be one more pro controller and then might fork out for a cheap generic remote for the lucky 8th player.

I love the gamepad, and am disappointed the wii u only allows one maximum. If they allowed an extra one for MK8 or super smash, I would seriously have considered one.

I never played enough of the wii to get to grips with the original wiimote outside of the novelty motion features, but now I've been playing with it for a while, I really like it. Can be a bit awkward with 3rd party games like bully, but for 1st party games, they do make the most of its quirks.


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I've only got two. The Gamepad and a pro controller.

I don't like the Gamepad at all. It's comfortable enough to use as a controller (if a little cumbersome at times), providing you don't have to use ZL or ZR buttons, they are placed in a very uncomfortable position for me. I also don't like the fact that it has to be on all the time, even when using another type of controller. Plus the whole lusing two different screens just doesn't work for me at all, terrible idea imo.

Now enough moaning, the pro controller is awesome. When playing a game that gives a choice of controller this is the one I go for. Brilliantly comfortable and a joy to use. Plus the battery last for ages and it seems like it could take a lot of abuse (Bayonetta I'm looking at you :) :blush:).
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I've got a few:

1x Nintendo pro controller
2x gameware pro controllers
2x Wii remotes (and nunchuks)
1x Wii motion plus
1x classic pro pad

I do have 3 GameCube pads but no adapter to use them on the Wii u.

The official pro pad is always my go to if it's an option, then the gamepad and I rarely use the old Wii ones. Nothing wrong with any of them really it's just personal preference that the pro pads are not comfortable


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Having played a fair bit over the last few days, I think I'm revising my view on the gamepad.
It was my go-to controller for everything, but I struggled with it when playing Super Mario 3D World. I switched to the classic controller which was better.

I think my love for the gamepad is due to the way they integrate it into the minigames, which for me is what Nintendo is all about. Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion are very innovative games which are only made possible by the gamepad, and I think my enjoyment of those games, and their concepts, resulted in some misplaced enthusiasm for the gamepad! It has its merits, but is not necessarily the perfect controller in every situation.
Fortunately there's a decent controller in the pro version for regular gaming (of which I do little). Loving the range of controllers. I seem to have far more choices than my x-Bone or ps4 mates. Just a shame about the own goal with the gamecube adapters from Nintendo


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Got my Wii U a few weeks back - added a couple of controllers - this is the current set.


Kids love the wheels - have them a spin on MK8 this evening - eldest managed to win her first race and was very pleased :)


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Hi. We too have just taken the jump into the wii U world. I was a big fan of the N64, and coped just fine with that controller. However, I'm now very used to a dual shock sony controller, and therefore find the Gamepad great, but we bought a motion-plus, which we're all finding tricky on MK8. Not even sure if it works on Splatoon.

I was very tempted to buy a PDP gamecube type of controller, but learn that you have to plug into the motion controller :( . I presume the motionplus will eat batteries. And I hear that the Hori and PDP trigger buttons are not pressure sensitive; they're on or off.

I'm not a fan of the fat Xbox controllers. And not a real fan on the new PS4 controller, but getting used to it. They're still more intuitive to me than the motion.

Therefore, is the official Pro black controller, really the best controller to buy? Will it work with nearly everything? Why is it good? .... Or is the PDP/Hori type just as functional? (I like its layout; thinking it'll fit kids hands too).

Thanks in advance :)
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The pro controllers are excellent I think, they are on a par with the ps4 and Xbox and the battery on then just doesn't die. Personally I prefer them to the old Wii pro pads that are the ones you have to plug in to the Wii controllers, I know it's only a short cord but then you have to put the Wii controller somewhere and its a pointless step. I'm not sure in the compatibility of the older controllers though, I think they work in some games but not all. Whereas the new pro pad works on most. There's the odd game where the game pad is essential, games like wonderful 101 work with the controller but there's segments where you need the view on the gamepad screen, it's still playable though


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Does the Pro controller have progressive triggers?

And anyone who owns a PDP know if they lack any functions over a pro pad?

(huge price difference)


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The triggers aren't triggers, they are just shoulder buttons like on the gamepad. The only analogue controls are the sticks. Have you got a link for a PDP? I think I know what you mean but I want to make sure. Unfortunately I can't really rest for you though as I can't access my Wii u


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Reading the reviews it sounds like these are recognised as a Wii pro controller, and by extension the same way as one is used on a Wii u. I had one of these and it was great on the Wii, never actually used it on the Wii u though, I just used the actual pro pad I invested in.

Classic Controller Pro - Black (Wii) & Video Games

I do have 2 gameware pads too, they were dirt cheap but good enough for the odd mk8 session


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I think if I was to get an old style pad, I'd prefer to get the GC type PDP rather than the classic. But I'm guessing the current Wii U pro controller is better....

Rumble vibration: classic no; U Pro yes.
Works on all Wii U games: classic? ; U pro yes.
Works on all virtual titles: classic yes ; U pro yes.
Works on all old Wii titles: classic? : U pro?

I know there are wiki lists, but these don't seem to be thorough/conclusive. For instance on the classic list (link) I cannot see Donkey Kong Country Returns, but presume that surely the classic controller would work.

I give up. I'll just get the U pro.
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Spotting a fake. Anyone know?

I've bought a discounted Wii Motion Plus; this time black. Can anyone confirm if the black version should appear as if it has been painted after being molded? For instance, the speaker holes in the center on my white controller look like perfectly neat cut holes - the black however the paint partially fills the holes, and is raised around the rim of each hole, as if the paint is applied afterwards - tiny I know. Similar can be said on the brail-like dots by the lights. I've not yet tested to see if it works exactly as my white.

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