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I have a "new" problem with my Sky+. I am not sure that it has existed since some software update, but recent recordings have a major lipsync problem - anyone else experiencing this?

BTW have they downloaded the latest software that allows 2 recording, start & delay etc..? I cannot see any difference with my box since Christmas when I had it installed [other than this lipsync problem]


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Check your software version - it should be 1.23k (I only upgraded last week)

You can do this by going to services then 4 then 5.

If you are on a lower version, give Sky a call & they will talk you through manually upgrading.

The upgrade changed the planner to show if films are in dolby digital (DD) or dolby surround (DS). It also allows to to manually set up recordings + there were a few bug fixes.

Recording 2 programmes comes in "early next year" together with spooling the current program to hd so that you can pick up on whatever was on when you switch on the tv - a sort of auto live pause.


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Dear All

I also have noticed the problem of sound and pictures being out-of-sync. This is on playback of recorded programs on the SKY+. I phoned SKY who asked me to monitor which channels, when etc. and feedback. It is very annoying though!!




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I've used SKY+ for over a year now and I can't say I've ever noticed any lip sync problems. It has been reported in other forums though and I read that a simple power reset would cure the problem.


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I also have had SKY+ for just over one year with no problems, until very recently when I've had the lipsync problems.
Perhaps it has something to do with the recent software upgrade.

Hardware reset has not cured the problem.


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