Lip synch with AVR300/DV139?


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Firstly, have read all searched items for lip synch, but not what I wanted.

I'm seeing a big lip synch issue with DV139/AVR300. Not with V+ box connected via HDMI and digital optical cable, but with DV139 connected to Pioneer 508XD via HDMI and digital coaxial.

Does this mean the a similar video signal incoming is processed differently by the Plasma? Or that digital optical audio is quicker than digital coaxial?

Presume the audio gets there faster than the video then? Not sure I can tell, its just that the words and lips don't match!!

Anyway, the DV139 manual says to adjust delay of audio soundtrack if using interlaced output being converted to progressive scan, which is I guess what my screen is doing? Do I need to go into DV139 and experiment (as suggested on p19) around 50 - 80ms delay?

Advice welcomed if someone has successfully done this - can it be done from the CR100 remote?

Seems a shame that for such high-end kit there is no "plug and play" solution, but I guess the range of screens, amps, DVDs etc. is so great there will inevitable be some tinkering around required...

Thanks in advance!!



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Correct it via the setup menus (works from CR100 remote) in the DV139 for analogue outputs and in the AVR300 for digital audio.

The cause is the time taken by your Plasma to process the picture, thus meaning the picture is being delayed. You have to configure the decoding audio component to delay by the same amount.

A plug-and-play solution is architected into the HDMI 1.3 standard, where an implementing display can tell an implementing amp / DVD player how long it takes to process.

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