Lip-Synch : Oppop 971H...Its bloomin awful!


Hi there, just got an Oppo 971H a few weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with most of it apart from the scabby meditek generic menus - but thats fine its just a menu.

My real problem is the lip-synching on ALL of my DVDs, I've upgraded to the latest firmware (27th july), but the video is still always trailing the speech by a good quarter\half a second.

I've messed about with the delay settings in the dvd player interface but they don't seem to be enough, and the problem isn't always the same, sometimes its terrible, othertimes its still terrible but not quite as.

Any ideas...

Thanks :)

I'm outputting at 720p to an LG 50PX4D



I've dropped the audio delay from 5 to 4, using latest firmware, no issues (with predominantly R1 DD/DTS discs) like you mention


Cheers mate I will give that a go, I'd actually been increasing the delay?! As the audo comes before the video? No?

Well I'll trie that thanks.

Most my discs are R1....


Well I started off with zero and walked it forward, five gave an occasional hiccup so dropped back down one

I upgraded my processor to the 1068 a bit ago and still haven't recalibrated and reset the bloody thing up, so when I get around to it I'll tidy up its timings also


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How is the audio connected; Co-axial, Optical, 6-Channel Analogue, Stereo Analogue?
I believe the audio delay is only effective on the analogue audio outputs; sorry if you knew this already.


Hi mate, its connected through the optical to my receiver.

I think it does affect the optical output though, after changing the setting to 4, I'm gettin much better synching.

Also, when you change the setting you can hear the audio skip momentarily as so it must be linked? :confused: (hopefully ;))

Its a bit wierd though, that lowering the delay setting seems to be having the opposite affect as my problem was that the audio was coming to early. Could still see people lips moving after the sound has come out...

Its still not perfect though by any means, but its refreshing not to notice it constantly (just most the time now :rolleyes: )

cheers :)


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I have my 971 set to 'raw' and don't have any problems, co-ax connection- player and processor set to zero delay.
One idiosyncrosy though, if the analogue volume is set to 0 their is no output from the co-ax:confused:

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