Lip Synch and PS Probs with HK Player


Jason Jackson

I've got an HK 506 which is similar to DVD 25/2550 and I'm experiencing lip synch problems on a lot (if not all) of R2 DD 5.1 discs. The DVD runs through a HK 507 amp and is fine on R1 and DTS tracks.

Just wondered if anyone had seen this problem and/or knew any fixes?

I have played with the delay settings on the amp but this seems to make no discernable difference whatsoever to my eyes and ears.

Also I don't believe the player is correctly displaying whether it's playing a disk in PS mode - all R2 disks are shown as being played in interlaced mode yet it looks to me like they're being played in PS mode. Again anyone experienced this? I don't think my player has an EZ menu like the DVD25 where you can force the flags.

Many thanks

I got a 506 just before Christmas, but haven't had the chance to unpack it until yesterday. I noticed the exact same thing, definate lip-sync delays. Have you managed to find a cure yet?


Well it's on my list of things to check thoroughly (I bought a PD30 at the same time that should tell you all you need to know) but it seems to me that it has problems on DD5.1 whenever there is the option of DTS available as well. If there's no option then no problem. It's really weird to say the least.
So far as I can tell without more extensive testing - yes. Through a 507.
Hmm seems a bit odd,is it the 507 that decodes DD slower or the 506 outputting slower??? I'll have a think about that one mate!
Can you telll me what the display is and is video switched by the amp or direct to screen?
Well i tried it again last night. Things i'm not happy with:

I have a bunch of 'back-up disks' when i try to play them they either get spat out, or parental lock comes up.
Pressing the buttons on the machine is fiddly and i have to press open several times before i get any joy.
Though the remote is backlit none of the buttons have any symbols or writing on them, so all but the play/forward/back/stop buttons require memorising.
The pause button, a pretty well used button normally, is tiny and away from the main controls.

But the lip sync problem was not as apparent last night.
the 506 is a poor machine. It's build quality is so rubbish I wonder why anyone would buy it. You cant even press those buttons for gods sake. And to compare it to a 25 or 2550 is wrong. It is an inferior machine as confirmed by HK.
The display is the mighty 36PD30 (being replaced soon lol) and yes the 507 is switching the (component) video.
I have a couple of points to make ...

I have both the 506 & 507 you mention and have none of the problems you describe.
I have the 506 connected through the 507 to my RPTV (Tosh 42WH36) using component video.
I haven't noticed any lip sync problems with this setup.

As for pressing the buttons on the 506 ... this annoyed me at first.
However, if you press the button upwards and in it works first time, everytime. Strange, but you get used to it.

Build quality. I have nothing to criticise. It's fine ... a bit lightweight but exactly what I expected from the ultraslim design.
The new DVD31 (DVD30 replacement), is the same slim design.

So as you can guess, I have nothing to criticise except the remote handsets ... very poorly laid out and fiddly. But I can live with it.

The sound and video performance are both top notch.
Having had a little more chance to use the machine, i must say that generally i'm very pleased with it. The PQ is excellent, the sound is also very good, the menu system and OSD is good, i have fixed the multiregion, RCE discs play, I have cancelled the Parental Lock, but i can't seem to find a pattern with the lip sync.

All discs aren't doing it, some worse than others, the PS signals go direct to the plasma via 1m Supra cables (not through a scaler or amp). Checking on S-vid (also connected to the plasma) the problem is just the same if not worse on S-Vid.

Sky + is connected via a JS RGB Scart to VGA converter, and the lip sync problem i was expecting with SKY is virtually non existant.

I'm going to try HK to see if they can offer any assistance.
Last night I tried a few disks:

Gladiator R2 : DTS fine
DD slight delay.

Planet of The Apes R1: DTS fine
DD moderate delay

8 Mile R1: DTS fine
DD Slight delay

Toy Story 2 R2: (DD) fine

The Office Season 2 (R2) (DD) very noticeable delay.

The Eagles (Hell Freezes Over) (R1) DTS: very noticeable delay.

X Men 2 (R1 Backup) DD: fine.

Finding Nemo (R1 Backup) DD: very noticeable delay.

Very strange.

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