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Lip Sync

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by HouseofMu, Dec 6, 2000.

  1. HouseofMu

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    Jul 18, 2000
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    I have a Thomson DTH-3300 which I chipped for multi-region. My problem is that I'm now experiencing LipSync problems with some discs. The two with the worst (both R1 using DTS) 'T2: Ultimate Edition' and MenInBlack. I've noticed v.slight lipsync problems with other R2 disc (prior to chipping), but nothing to the extent that these two have.

    I think the problem could be either:
    a) Mod chip.
    b) R1-DTS discs with my player
    c) Specific to those titles.
    d) Firmware bug
    e) Combination of the above?

    My player has Firmware version 3.21 (after Matrix upgrade). Thomson tell me that the latest Firmware is 3.25, but couldn't tell me what the extra revisions fixed (and wouldn't sell me a Firmware chip), nor had they heard of any problems with LipSyncing (cheers).

    Any ideas anybody ?

  2. Morten Larsen

    Morten Larsen

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    No ideas but a similar problem with my Thomson DTH-3300 and NTSC DTS discs. I run the signal by optical cable into a Sony STR-DB940. On some discs I have noticeable sync problems with DTS (but not other sound formats). All discs are R1 NTSC:

    T2, Ultimate Ed.: No sync problem
    Antz DTS: Sync problem.
    Small Soldiers DTS: No sync problem.
    Fantasia: Sync problem
    Fantasia 2000: No sync problem.

    I never have any sync ploblems with DD sound.

    When I got the Thomson it was already region hacked so I cannot tell whether the region hack is the problem.

    Morten Larsen

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