Lip Sync Probs - Can they be avoided ?


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Hello there

I am in the throws of getting myself a new set up, and have basically decided to go for one lead to the plasma (either a panny pw6 or pw7), by routing all my inputs through an AV receiver (probably the Pioneer), and taking the RGB output through a JS RGB > VGA into the display.

Some people on this forum have reported lip sync problems with various types of set up. I'm sure there will be no hard and fast rules here, but are there any obvious pitfalls to avoid ??

Any help would be appreciated. Despite sort of sounding like I know what I'm on about in the first paragraph, I'm really a bit of a newbie.

Many thanks.



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Ideally you want to get an AV amp with audio delay built into it. This way you adjust an appropriate amount of audio delay to compensate for the video delay. Lip Sync is more obvious on systems using external video processing, many simple plasma + DVD + Sky installs I do don't need to involve a delay box.

Regarding switching then using RGB-VGA - this will only work for sources which have RGB scart outputs (many DVD players, Digiboxes) but not VCRs, older cable boxes and games consoles that do not have the optional RGB scart leads.

There may be a better route of going component (via converter from digibox and direct from suitable DVD player) into an AV amp and then up to the plasma. Using an AV amp which integrates audio delay, component video switching, and even more useful the ability to upconvert s-video and composite video signals to component colourspace (for single cable to plasma). Would need to know more about your kit really to judge which is going to be the better.


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Thanks for your quick reply.

Essentially I have a Sky (not Sky +) box and a PS2 to connect at the moment, and I might add aDVD player at a later date. The wall for the screen is filled with fire retardant material, so I just want to rout a hole for the power lead and one video lead, but still have the option to add extra components if desired.


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I have the same set up and it works a treat, no lip sync issues(well sometimes on Living but I don't think thats a issue with the plasma)

I have a Sky digi box into a tivo in to a pioneer 502, then a pioneer 444s dvd in to the 502 and will be getting a freeview also in to the 502. 502 then outputs to JS RGB>VGA converter to PW6. No problems with lip sync on Sky or on DVD. Occasionallly very slight issue with Charmed on Living, but I think that also happens on my CRT and you really have to stare at the lips looking for sync issues, you'd never notice unless you'd read in these forums it could be an issue.

Go for the PW6/7 and Pioneer 402/502 you'll love em.


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Thanks very much, HappyHiker......that's reassured me.

Now I just have to decide to get the PW6 at £1249 or spend a bit more and get the PW7..... has to be said, buying a Plasma has got to be one of the most stressful purchases (much worse than buying a car !), but hopefully it will also turn out to be one of the most enjoyable.

Thanks again.

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