Lip Sync Issues



Well after serious thought and begging to the wife I have had a new panny 6, Denon 2200 DVD, Yamaha V1400, REL Sub, Monitor Audio 4xR90 and R180 Radius Speakers, Keene convertor, and Sky+ installed and various cables at major cost to my bank balance.
I'll start from the top 2 connections into my screen 1 component and 1 RGB Scart everything else goes into the amp and then up converts to the screen.
The component connection is to the amp only
The direct scart input is from a normal panny sky box with no major problems. Yes I know I have 2 sky boxes in the front room

The DVD is optical and comppnent to amp,
Sky+ is is optical and RGB scart to Keene convertor and then component to amp.

The only time I get lip sync issues is when I watch Sky+ (the wife says she can see it on DVD's but I can't see it) so why is it happening? Some channels are OK, but a slanging match in the Vic in Eastenders (sad I know, I have issues. I always think my life is peachy compared to theirs anyway I digress :offtopic: ) was like watching a dodgy kung-fu film.
I don't want to change the delay to much as that would mess my DVD viewing I would assume as they share the same component input? :confused: I guess I wuld have to reset it everytime.:boring:
Is it me or aren't people noticing or mentioning it as much as last year. Is there anyway to sort this is out without 2 much cost as I got hammered last week with my bits and pieces.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated and I thank you for your input



P3450 - Wouldn't worry I get the same...again only with Sky + usually rectifies itself but sometimes requires a box powerdown. :lesson:


Thanks for the tip. Does it work if you have recorded something on the HD and are playing back?
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