Lip Sync issue


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Advice please.

Currently have sky+ box sound output connected to amp (yamaha AX 750) via optical link. Have DVD sound connected to amp via coaxial cable.

Picture from sky goes via scart to Toshiba RD XS 34, then into sagem g4 via component.

I want to use the SPDIF function on the Sagem to sync sound and vision.

Can I do this for both DVD and sky without fiddling with cables every time? It seems that the only way is to run a digital coaxial link from DVD to TV and then into amp, but that will then not use the sky plus digital out, and I understand that the RGB scart will not transmit 5.1 signal?

Solutions anyone?


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Please be aware that sync problems are quite common on Sky and is nothing to do with your hardware.

The sync varies from time to time, data to date and channel to channel and is introduced at source so cannot be solved at your end.

It is also usually a different sense than that experienced by hardware.

Usually picture processing takes longer than sound processing so the sound is AHEAD of picture. This is why some amps have a facility to delay the sound.

With Sky sync problems the picture is usually ahead of the sound in my experience.

Having said that Sky are getting better. Last year it was terrible and I experienced sync problems of upto 2 sec. This year the problems have been fewer and with less impact.


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