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I'm still having trouble getting this sorted to my satisfaction so hoped someone might be able to suggest a clever solution.

I have 3 audio systems in the house, 2 of which use Yamaha AV amps which have an audio delay facility and the third has no such control. So I can set the 2 Yamaha systems up for perfect lip-sync (providing there are no issues with any of the sources) and the third has a small screen so it's not an issue. EXCEPT when trying to play the same source in more than one room. It can be assumed that each room actually incorporates a different audio delay (to allow for the different screens and amp capabilities) so trying to play the same source in each room results in that horrible out-of-sync echo that makes it unacceptable.

The irritating thing is that the amp needs NO delay when simply playing audio, but the delay setting always get applied whatever the source input.

Does anyone have any bright ideas about how to keep the audio in sync across multiple rooms? My best solution so far is keep the 2 Yams at 0 delay, so audio is good, but with slight lip-sync issues in those rooms. However, it's not too bad and is the best compromise I've come up with.

Anyone any better ideas?

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