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Linux Modeline (for Panasonic AE700U)

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by clint_9090, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. clint_9090


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    I'm working on getting my mythTV box playing well with my Panasonic AE700U. My main concern at the moment, is coming up with a Modeline that'll work best for the projector. I found the following link in one of the threads on this site:


    Using this link, I entered the AE700 data, and tried to get as close a match as possible.

    H (kHz): 45.1
    V (Hz): 60.1
    Dot Clock (MHz): 76.5

    Modeline "1280x720@60" 73.93 1280 1312 1592 1624 720 735 742 757
    H (kHz): 45.52
    V (Hz): 60.13
    Dot Clock (MHz): 73.92
    Horizontal Sync Time: 3.8 microseconds
    Vertical Sync Time: 150 microseconds

    Modeline "1280x720@60" 74.75 1280 1312 1608 1640 720 735 742 757
    H (kHz): 45.57
    V (Hz): 60.2
    Dot Clock (MHz): 74.74
    Horizontal Sync Time: 4 microseconds
    Vertical Sync Time: 150 microseconds

    Modeline "1280x720@60" 76.45 1280 1312 1648 1680 720 735 742 757
    H (kHz): 45.5
    V (Hz): 60.11
    Dot Clock (MHz): 76.45
    Horizontal Sync Time: 4.4 microseconds
    Vertical Sync Time: 150 microseconds

    I'm currently favoring the last Modeline, as the resulting data set seems closest to the suggested settings. The only thing I've changed in all three, before calculating, was the Horizontal Sync Time. To get the closest results, I had to go beyond the recommended 3.5-4.0 H-Sync range, and use 4.4. Could that damage my projector? I'm obviously nervous, due to the "Advanced Configuration" warning/disclaimer above the Sync Time Fields, and I have no idea what messing with the Sync times is going to do. Any advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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