Linsar - A British success story?


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what was that?
Designed in Britain and made a Turkey :D


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They really need to work on the design, you can make the design very appealing without raising the price. Samsung high end sets with a tiny bit of metal on sell for a lot more but hardly cost them any more to make. Their current sets don't stand out at all, invest in some elegant and stylish design for the lounge as many of the leading brands have moved towards, especially this year as panasonic, lg and sony realised samsung was much more appealing due to the aesthetics.


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I bought the linsar 49 inch 4k HDR10 smart TV. model number 49HDR510
Good quality picture. But the sound is terrible. Badly distorted and unsuable unless u put a sound bar on it or external speaker system.

Had it less than 6 months and the pixels have started to die. As its on credit from brighthouse who have now stopped selling them they took it back for repairs. Still waiting on it to be bought back so not sure if they fixed it or not. Apparently the pixels can be taken out and replaced when they die or get stuck. which is what they r doing now.

Ill find out in a few days when the TV gets returned too see if they fixed it or replaced it with a new TV. Nearly 4 weeks since they took it in for repairs. Most of that time was waiting for spare parts so guessing they r repairing it rather than replacing it. which under the terms of my contract they have to repair or replace it with a brand new Tv as its a new for old agreement. As they no longer sell linsar TV's if they replace it ll get a 50inch baird which they claim will be an upgrade on the linsar as the baird is more expensive but closest in price and screen size to the linsar that they currently sell.

Prob with the speakers built into it is it sounds like a they filmed everything out doors in a strong wind with no sheilding on the mic. Thats how bad the sound is. I connected a sound bar to it and its fine. So the problem is the speakers in the TV.

Not sure where they r based as the documents that came with the TV says they r based in Bridgend wales. But all the reviews on linsar say they r based in Bournemouth. Might be that customer services r in wales with their head office in bournemouth. or they moved.

The picture quality is the same standard as i get with my 32 inch samsung 1080p 3D TV. Just brighter colours.
No complaints on the picture its just the terrible on board speakers letting it down.
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