Linn Sizmik 12.45 or REL Q400E



I think I will buy the new Linn Sizmik 12.45 or a REL Q400 subwoofer.
I want to use it both to music and surround.
Can you advice me?


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Im guessing that the the majority of answers to your type of question will get this answer ; Buy Velodyne followed by Uncle Eric and Power Buys.

Thats not a sarcastic p.o.v. either.

Thats just the flavour of things in this forum.



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From what I've heard the Linn Sizmik will be alright for music but not so good for movies, while the REL Q400 is just the opposite. If you're after a £1000 subwoofer, I would suggest taking a look at the ATC Concept 2 sub (www.atc.gb.net). It's one of the best subs I've heard for music, and does a very good job with movies too, as long as your room's not huge.

As GJC says, this forum is mostly full of Velodyne/Paradigm aficionados - I just thought I'd suggest something you might not have considered.



P.S. - You do have to watch out with the C2, though, as it only has balanced XLR inputs. No high-level connections, or phono sockets, though it's easy enough to get phono-XLR cables.


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have a look at the monitor audio fb210 and the new b&w cdm sub. the linn sizmik imo, was not a good sub, just not enough bottom end to it, although i have not heard the new 12.45 version.


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The REL Q400 has had an excellent review in the past in HiFi World. If it's anything like the Q200, one of which I used to own and adore to bits, then it should be a monster sub quite capable of doing full justice to any movie .1 soundtrack you could throw at it. I suppose it might not be the best for 'music' - you might like to look at a REL Stadium for that, for instance - but I can't see it disapointing. What's your intended set-up and use? As for the Sizmik, again according to this month's HFW there's a new model out of this sub using a 12" driver and, if I understood the article right, it uses digital filtering/equalisation. I spose I'd better head over to Linn's PITA website...

Hmmm ATC subs... yummm... :) Have to check those out too... :)

(Of course, you must judge for yourself and not rely on magazine reviews - but they provide useful pointers. I suspect for the money the Q400 would be hard to beat IMO)

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