Linn Ninka Upgrade bases discontinued!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by mjirvine, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Hi just thought I would pass this on to the forum.

    I was buying a set of Linn Ninka floorstanders last week and wanting the heavy/upgrade bases. It turns out that Linn have a manufacturer supply problem (they stopped making them!) and are discontinuing them with no replacement!.....The email went round the Linn dealers last thursday/friday (which I was shown by the dealer) apparently there were only 6 pairs left in stock and they are now GONE.

    They luckily managed to track down a pair for me from another dealer with a set left.

    So if anyone wants/needs a set of these, you better get moving and find a set already in a dealers storeroom. Otherwise v. difficult to get hold of. Soon it will be second hand only.

    So If you have a set of the bases that you don't need then keep them a few weeks until the stock completely dries up and I'm sure they will sell VERY easily for a good price.

    I think this may also apply to the espek bases.



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