Linn Nexus speakers purchased off ebay Help please


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Hi everyone, I love my Linn Kolektor, Linn Lk85, Monitor Audio Silvers set up, anyway reading everywhere how Linn sound best with Linn speakers i purchased a pair of Linn Nexus speakers on Ebay. I wired them up with Linn k20 speaker cable powered up and all I could hear was very low tinny audio, so thinking were set up for Bi-wiring. So how do I set them back to non bi wired. I saw jumpers on ebay with banana at one end & spade at the other, well i obviously put bananas in the bottom pair but am i right in thinking that my wired banana plugs will hold the spades in place . any suggestions on what to use to clean up the sockets


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The original links are held on place with a screw on ring around the terminals, you can see it in the manual available here Manuals - Nexus loudspeakers - LinnDocs

I can't tell if the rings are still present on your terminals but if they are they could be used to fasten a forked spade connected, the tension provided by a banana plug isn't anywhere enough to hold a spade in place and provide a reliable connection IMO

If the rings are missing on your terminals you'll have to find an alternative method of linking the terminals.


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Did you get this sorted? There were two different crossover boards for Nexus, one used connecting plates on the rear connecting the connectors the other had links inside on the board that may have been cut


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