linn muiltroom


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has an one had any dealings with linn or knows anything about the linn kenlt system think of buying one


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I have dealings with previous linn systems and wasnt impressed i suggest you look at several options and go for what you prefer, what is it you want the system to do? music? (what sources) control what? how many zones? Also is this a new build project refurb or retrofit install?


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If you have Linn sources and don't want to control much non-Linn stuff then Knekt has its place. It still sounds good by the standards of multiroom systems but is starting to show its age.

Pricewise it is towards the top of the scale when used with Intersekts and Kivor music server.

I've been seduced by the Netstreams system, fully digital/ethernet streaming between devices and with Naim just about ready to launch the Naimnet sources/amplifiers/music servers it is also about to go seriously audiophile.


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I agree 100% with NeilBall. Knekt's been around a while and is a bit long in the tooth, it's not the fastest system around and it's certainly not the most flexible/compatible in terms of the range of stuff you can use with it. It does offer local amplification though which better than having a big central power amp from a sound quality point of view and you can also upgrade by adding power amps to the system and even going active with the in-wall/ceiling speakers. Having local source inputs is also a bonus if you want to hook up the TV sound or have a local system in any room.

As Neil says though, things have moved on and there is new technology out there that is much nicer to use and has way more functionality. Linn are also looking more to the future now, and have released two new servers to replace the Kivor - The Klimax DS (staggering by all accounts) and the Akurate DS neither of which have any storage! I've not seen one in the flesh (yet) but if the recent CD players are anything to go buy - will sound fantastic!

I've also caught the NetStreams bug too and have a digilinx demo kit - I'm eagerly awaiting the NaimNet products before refitting my place. Things do seem to me moving down the IP route of distribution.

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