Linn Kisto AV processor and Unidisk player

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    Linn will be showcasing their Uindisk 1.1, Kisto, Kivor Index, and Linn Reference Monitoring System. Linn's new Unidisk 1.1 is said to be the very first product designed to give high-end performance for all major disc formats including DVD-Audio, SACD and ESS Technology's decoding algorithms. The Unidisk 1.1 also decodes normal compact discs and DVD-Video. When the Unidisk in partnered with Linn's Kisto high performance AV processor/system controller, eight audio channels for THX, DTS, Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Enhanced playback are supported plus video switching between RGB, DVI, S-Video and Component Video. Linn will be unveiling these products at the CES 2003 and are expected to be available at stores the first quarter of 2003.

    Info sourced from CES show preview

    Pic of Unidisk

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