Linn, cyrus and arcam which is better?

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can anyone tell me how arcam, linn and cyrus compare?

I know the latter two are more expensive

I went to superhifi yesterday and looked at the linn stuff...full starter system is 8K with the ability to upgrade at a latter date.

the system comprises:

Linn komponent 120 GR subwoofer
Linn komponent 110 GR Floor speakers (2)
Linn komponent 104 GR speakers (2)
Linn komponent 106 GR speaker
Linn Chakra C5100 power amp
Linn K400 Cable

didnt get to listen as didnt have the stuff in store

But i did get to listen to their 35K system...... :shock:

Anyone have any views???


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cant tell you how they compare, i can only say that Arcams AV eletronics are usually pretty good for both music and movies....altho i dont believe they do any kind of speaker package so you'd need to match up with another manufacturer.....

however Linn and Cyrus get good reviews too, i think it comes down to what you partner with, where you put it and what kind of sound you personally prefer.....companies tend to keep a similar kind of sound throughout their equipment with the main difference from price being things get more insightful and open and detailed as you pay try listening to setups close to the value you want to get an idea of sound if you cant listen to the exact itinery, at least that way you'll get an idea which companys sound suits you best :)


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I'd have a listen to a Naim setup, too.
Naim kit seems to be bullet-proof, but I've had a couple of problems with Linn amps. This was with early "surface mount" models, so things may have improved now.
I just get the impression that Naim kit is built better.
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