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Any views on the Linn Classik Movie box? I know it's expensive, but the upsides to me seem to be that everything's in one box, it's small and seems to be good quality.


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earlier this year I was at a demo for a pal of mine who had the Linn up against an arcam avr200 and diva 88 ... the linn was good, very good for an all in one but the arcam beat it hands down for sonics and picture ... this was with MS speakers and a Loewe screen ...

Not sure about the linn for progressive or dvd-a/sacd options ... will have to look ...

both about 2 grand so a fair pick we thought ...


I have a Linn CD/pre-amp/power amp setup which is the tops, so I am a fan. However, based on magazine reviews of the Classik Movie System (very noisy and intrusive fan, OK picture) I would not spend my 2K on it.


my dad has this one connected to a fujitsu 4242 plasma it has a good picture but i think it only has s-video out not component
i think i would spend my £2000 on somoe thing else


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Yes, it doesn't have component out or even an RGB Scart output. Also no DVD-A or SACD as previously mentioned. If you want an all in one box, have a look at the Sony DAV-S880 which has component out and can play SACDs. It's available for about £650 multi-region.


Nic Rhodes

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I'm a fan of this Linn kit but Gordon has highlighted the problems with it, no PL2, no 'processing' on analogue inputs (it will if you digitise them first I think). Multi region out of the box and some very good prices around if you look ;)


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Haven't had the chance for a back to back demo but a much cheaper/smaller 2 box kit that looked quite exciting last year was the NAD dvd/av amp boxes ... about £800 I think ... probably being superceded (if not already) ... but might be worth checking out if size is a major factor .. ?



Wow, thanks for all the really useful comments! I'm glad I asked. I think I'm going to have to have a rethink. I'll be back in a while!

Ian J

The unit being used by a speaker manufacturer at the recent Manchester exhibition had very bad lip synch problems on Eagles HFO DVD


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I've had one for three years now.

I did see lip synch problems with "Stop Making Sense", but haven't seen them since I set my speakers up properly!

Sound quality is really nice, and picture quality is OK, considering it is S-Video/Component only. The worst thing about that is that the TV doesn't automatically switch into S-Video (Sony KD28DX-40).

Would like nicer speakers next. (Currently got Rega EL-8 and Rega Senta).

Thinking about Dynaudio, Linn, Totem ...



I have recently purchased a unit 2nd hand that was brought into Canada from Asia by a recent immigrant. the unit is wonderful but it will only play my region free DVD's, it will not play region 1 or 2. do you happen to know the region unlocking sequence for this unit.
Best regards from Canada.

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