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Linn Classik, Chakra and Ninka - the demo and the deal

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by mattuk72, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. mattuk72

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    May 13, 2003
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    Got to Grahams just before 11. Guy doing my demo was running behind sohad a bit of time to myself in the demo room with a Classik and an LK140. Spun a few of my discs and it was pleasant enough; a much more solid and musical sound than the Classik's internal amp. Played my reference track (Carly's Simon's version of "Something "Wonderful") and it was more controlled than without the LK140.

    Then the demo started in earnest. The Chakra amp was a C6100 which dealers are getting because it also enables them to demo 2 and 4 channels only. Played "Something Wonderful" again using two channels of the C6100. Nothing much improved until the first few bars, and then Carly's voice had gained some realistic grain and the percussion was more present and correct. Impressed.

    Then tried one track I love but which really trips up the basic Classik - the Rawling remix of Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance". With the on-board amp it sounds congested and confined, as though the Classik can't quite juggle all the musical balls it has to handle. 2 channels of the C6100 were a massive improvement - whole song was opened out more and the percussion was where it should be and Lee Ann's vocal sounded more realistic.

    We played the same track back on the LK140 - it certainly didn't disgrace itself but fell quite a way short of the C6100; more congested and less fluid.

    Then played "Something Wonderful" with the C6100 in 4-channel mode passively biamping the Ninkas. That got me into the grinning inanely zone. Unfortunately is the zone that gets me spending money. I hate hi-fi terms, but the imaging was significantly better.

    Then we tried "I Hope You Dance" again with 4 channels - two-tapping awesome - percussion, handclaps and low frequencies much more in evidence. Finally we played a track we hadn't used before - Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me". Enough with the hi-fi talk; I was nearly moved to tears.

    The demo guy explained that the basic C2100 (2-channel) costs 1400 pounds and then each additional channel is 200 pounds, so it's madness not to get the four channel version if you can bi-amp as it would cost way more to add 2 more channels in a separate box later.

    Long story short - had an attack of "if we're going to do it, we're going to do it properly" and so have ordered a C6100 and the cards to take my Ninkas tri-active :D . I know I've broken the source first rule and the not-buying-what-you-haven't-heard rule but hey, since I'm signing the cheques it's my call :)

    Next upgrade is scheduled for 2008 when hopefully Linn will have something to offer those of us who are not interested in video and surround sound. The demo guy explained to me that the next upgrade could be either a cd player using the Classik just as a pre-amp, or using one of the tape loops to feed an external pre-amp and just using the source portions of the Classik. Depends on what's available when I decide to upgrade next.

    As a point of interest, I mentioned how suprising it was that the 2250 had had such a short lifespan since the Klout had lasted so long. He said none of the staff at Grahams thought it was any good and so they declined to stock it.

    Bring on your comments and questions

  2. Knightshade

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    Aug 6, 2004
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    Good post Matt.
    Glad to hear things worked well for you.
    I'm (When the insurance finally gets it's a**e in gear) going to be replacing my HI FI. Haven't got a clue what to use as a source this time. :rolleyes:
    I may even go and bite the bullet and go for a complete LINN system and go Active again. Think I'll definately take a look at the new Chakra range.
    Cheers for the info.

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