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    Hi - I have Linn Axis turntable, with basik plus arm and recently fitted AT95e cartridge.

    I am having some issues with the sound that I can't resolve... It manifests itself as a distortion (possibly a resonance?) in and around the upper mid band in louder passages. Listening to the opening track on George Ezras Living at Tamaras, for instance, all sounds fine until the track picks up about a minute or so in, then whilst the vocals sounds ok the instrumentation in the background sounds distorted. I have checked with CD version, and the issue does not present itself so I am confident this is an issue with the turntable

    I thought the cartridge angle maybe incorrect - but it looks bang on (checking stylus itself not body) according to my Ortofon protractor. Vertical angle bang on. I have played around with tracking weight with little effect currently at 1.8G.

    Not sure what else I can check and will probably be taking it to dealer for service unless there is something obvious I may have missed?

    Any suggestions?

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