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Linksys WRT54G and NAS


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I have a Zyxel NSA221 and Linksys WRT54G wifi router. The router does not detect the NAS at all, however a replacement (more modern) router does. I know the older router does not have a Gigabit port and the NAS does and wondered if this is a hardware or firmware issue on the part of the router.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?


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By "not detecting the NAS" you mean the ethernet link won't come up or some other issue...?

If the former, and you're suspecting some kind of incompatibiity between the 10/100 NIC in your router and the 10/100/1000 (?) in the NAS, that's not a "fault" in the router, rather it's a problem with the NAS not detecting that it's communicating peer only supports 10/100.

If you NAS won't auto-detect, try looking to see if there's any options in it's setting to force the link rate ("speed") to 100mbps.

It's unusual in domestic kit, but there are NIC's that are Gigabit only and not 10/100/1000. CHeck your NAS specs to see it can support the same link rates as your router. (Though I'd be really surprised if it's not 10/100/1000.)
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Thanks for the response.

I have had a look in the NAS settings and there is nothing to suggest that I can alter the transmission rate. In the mean time, I did install DD-WRT on the router but still not detecting the NAS, so I guess it wasn't an outdated firmware issue. I thaought it may have been that as the router is quite old and not supported with updates any more.

My new router arrived this evening, has gigabit ports and is working fine, so I assume there must be somethging in the WRT54G that is not compatible with the NAS as I also got to try another Linksys - E2500 and that also did not have gigabit port but was finding the NAS.

Probably wont test any further now as I am up and running again with my new TP-Link and just wanted to know as a matter of interest.

Thanks for the comments though.

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