Linksys wireless N & Belkin N don't mix well


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Yes, I know it's a draft format, so there will be issues, but just in case anyone's having the same trouble -

I recently got a Linksys DMA2100 MC extender so decided to upgrade to wireless N. Got the Linksys WAG325N so as to keep all same make - less problems with the N I thought. I plug the DMA2100 into the router via a LAN cable, and wireless to the PC. Linksys N USB adapter hasn't arrived yet, so I borrowed a Belkin N USB adapter.

Although it works initially, after a very short time the connection drops out. Through a process of elimination, using 2 Dell laptops as well, found it was the Belkin. Thing is, it would sometimes crash the router, and so take out the connection to the laptops. Router then needed a re-boot. I had latest firmware in both.

Belkin works fine on my old Linksys wireless G router.

As a by-the-way, one of the Dell laptops has an Intel N wireless card. To get the Intel working on N, I had to go to WPA encryption, on WEP it would only operate at G speeds.

Linksys N USB adapter will hopefully arrive in a day ot two.


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It has been said on these forums many times that in order to ensure interoperability with 802.11n, one needs to use kit from the same manufacturers.


Thanks for this. I have a Belkin N router and USB adapter in my desktop - was going to try an Intel Wireless N card in my laptop, but may leave that for now!

Is it the case that kit that shares the same draft version (currently draft 3.02 or 4.0, I think) should work together? I say should - I guess from beerhunters comment, it doesn't!


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The Linksys N adapter did arrive, and all is working well, Connection speeds of 270-300Mbps most of the time.

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