Linksys WAG54G ps3 wireless issues



have this kit and it works fine linking router to pc in separate room, ps3 recently purchased and in room same distance from router

get hardly an signal, if it does connect soon drops

if i take the router into the room where the ps3 is, works okay
though ps store is a bit slow

the probem then is the pc is too far away to pick up a decent signal

any suggestions as to improving the fucntionality? wd rather not keep moving the router about when i want to use ps3 online, though may have to


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It seems to be a common issue with the PS3. Apparently the console's built in wi-fi has very poor reception and unless your router is close by ideally in the same room you can suffer from poor connections, drop outs and disconnections. Making sure the router's firmware is up to date is a long shot but may work. However I think you may have to resort to something like homeplugs as an alternative.


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what i have acctualy done im quite please with.

we have a linksys router and a wireless extender box, what i have done is take the ethernet cable that came with the ps3, pluged it into the ps3 and the wireless exterder box and have never got cut off since.

i think this is because (as stated above) the ps3 has very bad wireless problems, but once i pluged it it and told the ps3 i was using a wired connection. the internet gets beamed to the wireless extender, so the ps3 sees the internet and is happy with the setings! :lesson:

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