Linking Bowes and Wilkins audio speakers to new HDTV with no jack input


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Hi all,

My partner and I have just purchased a new Samsung uhd MU8000 tv 49 and attempting to link my older Bowes and Wilkins speakers to it. Issue being that the speakers only have a 3.5mm stereo jack and the new TV has a Digital optical connection, HDMIs or USBs inputs on the connective hub.

Is it as simple as buying an adaptor to link the two together or is it more complicated than that? Also, which would be the best connection given the three choices on the new TV?

Or should I not bother at all and just buy a soundbar given that sound advantages that may provide?

Any help greatly appreciated.




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Soundbars are just more convenient form factor, they're not better speakers. They used to be worse like for like, but I don't know if the newer ones have achieved parity.

The essential ingredient to drive analogue speakers is something with DAC functionality. This can be a small standalone DAC sometimes sold as an adapter or something like an amp or AV receiver with it built in.

The usual requirements apply if they're unpowered speakers. You either need a DAC that's creating an analogue signal of sufficient power directly or an analogue amp.


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That’s fantastic, thank you - will probably pick up a cheap DAC and link it up via the optical cable and see how that is.

Much obliged EndlessWaves!

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