Linking 2 Bose Soundocks To 1 Ipod???



Hey, Are there any cables/connectors outthere that would allow me to link 2 soundocks up to 1 ipod? Sounds weird, but i want to double the sound volume when I blast my tunes out at the end of a big garden when i host a party later on this month.:lease:


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Not using the dock connector, imagine if two wheels were connected to one ipod, same kind of effect. Could you not take the output from one of these line level leads>

Then take the output (that is at line level from the bottom of the ipod through the 3.5mm adapter), Then split it using a headphone splitter and input it straight into the aux in on the sounddock. It still wouldn't be that much loduer and because you split the line level in half, im not quite sure how it would cope, so yes it is possible but im not sure if it would have the desired result of drastically louder volume. Could you not borrow someones 5.1 system- somethin like a logitech that has an aux input, they get pretty loud.

Or if you really wanted to bodge it, although i cant see why it wouldnt work, when the signals have been split into two then use two headphone amps to take them up to line level and attach the outputs from these two, to the sounddocks.
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