Linkin Park - Reanimation...Excellent remixes.



This album is pretty good...although they are just remixes of songs from Hybrid Theory.

Funny really as i don't even listen to hard rock....more a hip-hop r&b person...but some of linkin parks crossover tunes are excellent..worth having in the car.


I think you're crazy. I just listened to it today in Tower and thought it was butchery of a very decent album. I do listen to hard rock so I guess that's the difference between our reviews.

The band said there is a mix of hip-hop and rock remixes on Reanimation. This is not true. The rock has been totally done away with. Chester, the main rock influence in the band, has, as far as I could tell from the case, nothing to do with this recording.

A very definate thumbs down from me, but I do respect your opinion loafer.


Lucky i didn't buy a copy then bought the Hybrid album though...but downloaded this one. Personally i enjoyed the vocals mixed in with a variety of beats...the hybrid album was excellent and i think it was refreashing to hear some classics in a different light (me being into soul and hip hop too).

I must agree though a new album with new material would have been better:blush: Considering that Hybrid Theory came out in 2000/2001.

glad i got some opinions..p.s gotta love the video


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Originally posted by loafer316
Funny really as i don't even listen to hard rock...
Don't worry, you still aren't. Steps make harder rock than Linkin Park.

I wish people would stop confusing this sub-standard pop band for rock/metal. What toss.


He's right though... Linkin park just give rock a bad name.

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