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Hello every one, I'm a newbie; this is my first posting. I have a problem, but first let me tell you what I have. LG DVD HDD recorder Model RH278; LG LCD TV model 26LC2R, and for what it's worth a Sharp 4-head VCR model VC-AA550

I live in a block of flats with a communal satellite receiving system. Here in South Africa we use the PAL system. The reception is absolutely perfect. No problems there.

The problem comes when I record something on the DVD or VCR recorder. Lots of parallel horizontal lines are present, (not wavy lines) which can be seen if you monitor the recording on Component 1 and these lines are recorded, spoiling the viewing. Viewing satellite on AV2 or land transmissions directly is perfect.

I'm sure it's some sort of clash; beating up against each other but I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. Briefly I'll describe how it's wired:-

Satellite and terrestrial antennae go into the decoder. All wiring is correct going in the following sequence:- RF going from decoder to VCR to DVD to TV. Both DVD and VCR have perfect reception on terrestrial, but when attempting to record a satellite channel, the lines appear.

HELP please!!



if you are using an analogue rf channel for recording , change the rf frequency to an unused one on both the satellite receiver and also on the vcr too

so give each device its own unique rf channel , an unused one with no interference

and if using scarts, use 21 pin fully shielded ones


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Thanks Ramjet - I already thought of that and did that. It helped but didn't totally resolve the issue.

Any idea how to change the output RF of t he DVD?? I can't find any source of reference for that.

Larry -RSA


a dvd player or recorder does not normally use an rf output in which case there is nothing to change , but a vcr , or satellite receiver , or some other devices do have rf outputs and all these need checking and putting on an unused , intereference free rf channel

and screened cables should also be used , and check you have the correct settings for each device , rgb , composite , s-video etc
It's also possible that the RF signal level going into the DVD recorder is too high. Sometimes VCRs include an attentuator switch on their RF inputs, you could switch that and see if it helps? Or try to get hold of an in-line RF attenuator (a 10dB one would be a good start) and see if that makes a difference.


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