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OK, quick simple one here:

I thought NTSC gave you 480 lines and PAL 570 (or something)

However, I have a Jamo DVR50 dvd player and can switch between NTSC and PAL output (which goes via component to my AE500).

The thing is that my projector detects the NTSC input as having 525 lines and the PAL as having 625 lines.

eh? what's going on?

is the dvd player (or projector) upscaling the image? or has the projector incorrectly detected the signal

(or maybe this is what's meant to happen and i'm just totally daft?:p )

PS and don't get me started on 720p / 1080i via DVI


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NTSC = 480 viewable, 525 total / PAL = 576 viewable, 625 total.

Both the DVD player & PJ are working correctly.

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Gaffer - just in case you were wondering, the non viewable lines are used for things like teletext, so they still carry info, but not picture info.

There is a 16:9 switching line in there somewhere, but I can't remember if it's in the 526 - 576 area or elsewhere. Anyone like to remind me?




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IIRC, the 16x9 switching trigger is on line 23 for PAL and 21 for NTSC.

G a f f e r

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ozdvduser, gary lightfoot and nigel.
THANkYOU thankyou trhankyou.
This is one of those really annoying niggling things I couldn't get anyone to explain to me or find out about. To make it worse, some info contains reference to viewable and others to total lines without explaining it.
(Yes it is anal, but at least i know now).
Thanx again - off I go to sort out my screen......

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