LindowsOS anyone?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by iputerfixer, Dec 22, 2002.

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  1. iputerfixer


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    Just wondering if anyone tried out the LindowOS?
    I tried out release 2 and it did pretty good. I could load Office 2000 on it but not OfficeXP because it appears to emulate Win95.
    I could load AOL instant messenger but the program would lock if I tried to IM anyone.
    Just got LindowsOS 3, it comes with what looks like a linux version of AOL IM, it works great, haven't loaded Office yet.
    Would love to see if Office XP works because then I may have a viable alternative to Windows.
    I like Bill, but I am sick of all the viruses that are targeted for Microsoft products and I really don't want a Mac.

    Let me know if you have tried this and what luck you had.
    Especially let me know what programs work on it.
    I use Lotus Smart Suite a lot, Office, CD burning software, some Adobe products and I just want to know what all I can do on a linux based machine before I consider switching totally!
    Sorry Mr Gates.
    Windows takes too long to load, has too many bugs, crashes and phone home programs. I'm getting tired of it.
    If Bill really wants to be dominant, he needs to make his software affordable so EVERYONE can afford it.

    Think about it, if windows cost $25 for the latest version, Office cost $50, then they would be found on every computer.
    And they would be legitimate software, not pirated!
    Do the math, sell 600 million copies of office at $50 or 5 million at $450. Which way do you make more money.
    Don't forget it only costs $0.15 to make a cd. Oh, I forgot the hologram for Microsoft. Those would be $0.30.
    But if everyone bought the cd, then they wouldn't need the hologram to make it hard to counterfiet!


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