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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 16th April 2011.
Limitless actually does have its limitations. It’s a great premise, made the most of for the first two thirds of its remarkably short runtime, but things go off the rails towards the end, as if the writers simply didn’t know how to capitalise on the elaborate concept and rounds things off satisfactorily. Still, it’s a fun, flash ride, held together by a decent performance from Bradley Cooper and some nice extended cameos from the likes of Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish. Oddly, for a movie about the enlightening effects of an addictive and potentially dangerous drug, the narrative isn’t all that well thought-out – perhaps the filmmakers ran out of NZT halfway through production. Still, it’s an entertaining enough flick, and certainly stylish enough to justify a trip to the movies.

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Thought Bobby D was wasted in this one. It was a tiny, insignificant role which they could have done something with but didn't. Was quite an enjoyable movie but I completely agree that the ending was silly and basically ruined the good premise. Thanks for the review.

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