Limiting the range of frequncies scanned by MCE 2005 using DVB-T


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To cut a long story short, I need to restrict the range of frequencies/channels scanned during a channel scan. I don't know whether I would restrict the channels it scans or the frequency range.

I live in an area of crossover of about 3 aerials - so MCE picks up about 3 versions of BBC, ITV etc. The ones it decides to use by default are all the weaker signals for some reason, eg it picks up BBC1 North East, but always ends up using BBC ONE and loses the mapping from the EPG. I think this is responsible for EPG problems, loss of channels etc which i experience regularly. It's a complete pain in the ass to run the set up, configure guide listings, map channel listings and rearrange every couple weeks when MCE decides to lose the plot.

I know the normal range of UK terrestrial signals is in the range 450MHz to about 850MHz, I need to restrict it to 600MHz to 850MHZ (all the good channels start at 690MHz). The channel equivalents according to:-

would be from 48 to 68.

Any ideas, registry keys? I've heard of an .xml file called FrequencyOverRide.xml but only in relation to analogue signals.


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Post 254 in this thread explains how.

I do it as I don't want the Winter Hill 'B' muxes to be scanned.

Let me know if you need more help.




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Just wanted to let people know this works great - MCE is now only scanning for channels/MUXes from Pontop Pike - the scanning time is much reduced from about 10 minutes to less than 1 and it's getting only the strong signal channels - and they're all in the right place and the EPG guide listings match 95%. You can probably tell I'm happy with it...!

Nick, thanks again for this info and to Mr_Mandrake for finding that out and sharing it.

I am hoping this will solve my weekly EPG wipe and setup from scratch. Even if it doesn't, it'll take a couple minutes to fix now.

One thing I can offer is a little tip - put the frequencies in order from lowest to highest in the registry values 1 to 6 because MCE will stop scanning at the highest frequency, eg:-

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TV System Services\DigitalTVAutoTune\TS44-0]


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