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Question Limited space for a 5.1 set and am not facing speakers, would this cause hearing damage on one side?


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So I got the Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker set this week, and while it's a huge upgrade from the 2.1 speakers I was using I don't have much space on my desk, nor will I be facing the speakers when I use them.

To get an understanding, this is how my desk is set up atm: 5 speakers are spread out across my desk (3 mid; 10cm apart and 2 on each end of the desk; 1.5m apart from each other), the speakers are facing towards the center of the desk. Monitor is on the right side of the desk and facing towards the center, so assuming I'm sitting in the middle of my desk I'd be looking towards the right.

I've played a few games like this and I can feel the vibration of the sound with my left ear (this didn't happen with my old 2.1 speaker set, also bass speaker is turned off and if I face the speakers I can't feel the vibration) and it's pretty distracting and like the title suggests, I'm worried it'd damage my hearing on my left side over time.

I've considered wall mounting or using stands but there's other stuff in the way which wouldn't really be suited elsewhere, if someone has any suggestions or improvements for my setup that'd be appreciated too.


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Try using a pair of headphones at the same volume. If you can still feel the vibration it might be your hearing but if you cannot then it is something else vibrating.

Also if you face the opposite direction can you feel the vibration in your right ear, another clue that the speaker or something else is vibrating.

The easiest way to find out what is causing the vibration is to get in a position where you can hear/feel the vibration and put your hand on the speaker top, sides, grill and other objects on the desk, even the desk itself. Eventually you will find the offending object because your hand will act as a damper and the vibration will stop.

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