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Newbie looking for some advice here. On the verge of purchasing an upgrade from what now appears to be our relatively tiny and dated Samsung telly. I watch a fair bit of World Cinema Blu Rays & DVDs and, as anyone of a certain age will know, the subtitles are getting much, much, smaller. Santa is also bringing the youngest a new PS4 (though he doesn't know that yet of course, well, Santa does obviously). Most general viewing is provided by the Virgin Tivo box and sound played through an LG home cinema system; LG BH6430P, which still sounds pretty good to me so no plans to change this.

I'm pretty much strapped for cash at the moment and will be for the next wee while (if you're reading this Theresa, no thanks from me for your hollow concern and no, we're not all in this together) so budget has to be strictly limited to £500.

Having fairly limited wall space I've determined that 50" is about as big as I can accommodate, with viewing range from as close as my boy can get to the screen without his eyes permanently crossing and up to about 8 feet.

I've done a wee bit of homework and from what I can tell from my very limited knowledge it seems that the best sets available at £499 are as follows; (though one was previously £449 at Argos until they upped the price by £50 as part of their Black Friday 'deal'. Perhaps they may bring the price down again once their Cyber Week Winter Giveaway Madness promotion or whatever they call it is over?)

LG 49UH661V
LG 49UH661V | LG Electronics UK

TVs | M5500 - Hisense


Buy the Philips 6000 series 4K Ultra Slim TV powered by Android TV™ 49PUS6401/12 4K Ultra Slim TV powered by Android TV™
The list isn't set in stone by any means as I'm only now beginning to get my head around some of the technical aspects so by all means if there are better ones out there I'd gladly accept your advice. Otherwise, which of the these would anyone recommend or is it really much of a sameness at this price?

Thanks in advance.


Do you or anyone else need to view the TV from an angle greater than 20 degrees to the side? That dictates what panel type you should choose.

IPS panels have better viewing angles but worse contrast and blacks

Whilst VA panels have better contrast and blacks but worse viewing angles.

Is it the ps4 pro you're getting him?

The problem with UHD TVs is SD content like SD TV channels and DVDs actually look worse on an UHD TV so if you need to upgrade to UHD you actually have to accept these will look worse.. Or just watch them less.

Also at 8 foot on a 50" TV you aren't going to notice any quality increase with UHD vs HD.


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Hi and thanks for the response.

In relation to your Q's, there will be some viewing at angles >20 degrees, though this tends to be the kids watching cartoons and the like. When I'm watching on my own I tend to be centred and probably 5 or 6 feet from the screen. Also, most family viewing is in HD and mine pretty much exclusively Blu Rays or DVDs. The PS4 is standard I think as can't recollect it being tagged 'pro' before stashing it away a week or so ago.

Thanks again


If you are sure it isn't pro then there is no need to go with an UHD TV, although I would check your invoice/receipt first to be 100% sure!

It sounds like viewing angles aren't that important so that should mean you are good to go with a VA type panel with better contrast and blacks.

I would recommenced the Samsung UE50J6240 or UE48J6300


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I've had a quick look at these and will have a closer one at the UE50J6240 - should've mentioned that I didn't want to purchase a curved TV, hence no interest in the latter. Presumably the former has the best spec etc. in this price range so I'll check out the current prices & availability.

Thanks again for your help & guidance.


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Hmmm, sorry about this (and I apologise for sounding a right PITA) but I've had extremely poor customer service from Samsung regarding a repair in the past year (though not my existing TV) and vowed that I'd never purchase Samsung again. I won't go into details but will say that they demanded the same price as a replacement to conduct the repair, I went local for a fraction of the cost. Any non-Samsung alternatives out there?


Well it isn't UHD but it has a 120hz panel, great contrast and should have much better screen uniformity than your suggestions.

The Hisense M5500 was reviewed on here and got a good review. I think it also has a 120hz panel and has good contrast and blacks because it uses a VA panel too, but I think it loses out to my suggestions with uniformity and motion.

Its hard to find them now but I think alternatives would be the Sony w7xxc and w8xxc series

I found:

its a pita because Sony give so many different model numbers for the same tv.

Sony W75C Full HD with Android TV
Sony W70C LED TV with Full HD Display
Sony W85C / W80C Full HD with Android TV


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Well it isn't UHD but it has a 120hz panel, great contrast and should have much better screen uniformity than your suggestions.

I dont think the Samsung UEJ6240 is a 120Hz screen, from what I am reading and being told its only 50Hz, the refresh is a biggy for me 120Hz I would happily buy but not a 50

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