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Dear Sirs

I have an issue with my home entertainment system.
My system consists of:

Panasonic plasma TX-P50G/10G with 3 HDMI
Panasonic Blu-ray player DMP-BDT220 with 1HDMI
Philips HTS9800W DVD 7.1 system with 1 HDMI
Sky HD

Now that I have a blu-ray player I only use the Philips system as an amp.
Currently my sky HD box is connected to the TV with one HDMI - this is fine.
I also have the blu-ray connected to the TV using HDMI (for vision) but with 2 auxiliary cables (output) to the Philips system for sound.

Ideally I would like to connect everything via HDMI but need extra ports - not sure if I need a switch or spilter or even if I can use the devices in such manner. I prefer an automatic system so when I switch on the player, TV, and Philips (amp) it works without me having to switch and select on/off.

Your expert advice would be gratefully appreciated.
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A bit confused here, you have 3 HDMI inputs and 3 sources into your TV? I cannot see why you would need to switch anything?

Is it that you want digital audio, or do you have another source as well?

The answer is probably to swap out the all in one Philips for an AV receiver and run everything through this.


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Hi Noiseboy

The objective is to have digital sound as well.
I'd like when watching blu-ray to have sound and vision via HDMI with using the Philphs all in one.

Not sure how I can do that with the current setup.


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Hmm, looking at the connections, not sure you can do this. The Philips box does not have any HDMI inputs, only an output, so you will need to use either the stereo input or the coaxial digital audio input and leave the video switching to the TV. The issue with the latter is your Blu-ray only has optical audio out I believe. You will therefore need to adapt this from optical to coaxial and the problem is then finding one that does 5.1! Reviews suggest lip sync becomes an issue when doing this, so you may end up spending money to buy the bits to find it does not work.

The simplest answer is to replace the system, but I can understand why you would not want to do this. You could try to find a Blu-ray with a coaxial output, or simply live with just Dolby Pro-logic.

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