Limit DVDA900SE or Pioneer DV-565?


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I'm stuck between choosing the DVDA900SE and the Pioneer DV-565. Anyone got any views on the picture/sound quality between these 2 machines?

Both are similarly specced, and similarly priced. I've read some good print reviews for the Pioneer, and my current machine is the DV-535, which has excellent picture quality through RGB Scart.

The Cyrus audio stage of the Limit is very tempting though...

Thanks in advance.


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I bought the Limit off the "offer" on this site. I don't think you would regret it.


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Thanks for the reply Contar.

I've read other posts that describe a 'chroma bug' the Pioneer produces when playing NTSC material via RGB Scart, particularly on Panasonic TVs. This is no good to me, as I have a stack of R1 DVDs, and a Panasonic TX-28PL1 telly.

Strange that the newer model does this, as my old DV-535 is perfectly OK.

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