Limit dvda900se as a cd player


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I am considering the above player as a stop gap dvd player as my current player is useless. I would like a Denon 1920 but funds are too tight at the moment.

My plan was thus - use the Limit as a DVD player and then when i replace it use it as a cd player - i have read in the dvd forums that its a good cd player as its been tuned by cyrus.

What im wondering is how good is it as a cd player, is my plan a valid option or would i be better off getting a 'dedicated' cd player ??


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I use this machine as my DVD/CD player, pq is excellent and audio is superb.For CD playback I have it connected to the stereo outs. using Cable Talk Monitor leads into my Sony amp and use the Analogue Direct function.I replaced my Pio 565 with the Limit because I thought the Pios CD playback was not very good now with the Limit I am more
than happy.At 49.99 from com you cant go wrong


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Thanks, i ordered one and got it today - very impressed with the dvd side. Awaiting leads for the audio side.

Got it from play - bargain :)
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