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    I've had this player for a few years now and have been looking to buy the Panasonic E55 or E85, the player I buy must be able to take Scart input from sky+ and give component output to a plasma.

    I've always used the LIMIT with scart to a TV, but checked it this morning and noticed it does have component output.

    This may (will) be a simple question, but am I able to use the SCART as an input to the player (from sky) and component out to the plasma screen ?

    I realise this isn't exactly a top of the range player and I expect I can get pretty significant quality improvements by getting an E55 or E85 (?), but I've blown my budget already on a new set-up and will hold off a new player until after christmas if the LIMIT will work - when hopefully I'll be able to save a few quid in the sales !


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