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Thanks to the helpfull people on this forum I went out yesterday and bought myself the Limit DVD9900SE from Richersounds to go with my Panny 5 series, one word... WOW!
Mega impressed with the picture quality on the progressivescan, so so much better than my old Sony. My 4 year old now has an unexpected pressent (unexpected by me that is!) a Sony 725 player in his room!! How can a DVD player costing £199 be this good?!?

So cheers for all your input and advice about this little player, "chuffed" comes to mind. :D


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I'am also looking at the Limit 9900se ,
Is the picture as good as you say , would you say as good as the
Toshiba players in Pro Scan mod on usa disc ? ? ,
Also will the Limit do true Pal Pro Scan on tour Panny ? ? ,

Thanks for you time in a reply



Yeah the Progressive scan worked straight out of the box for me on a UK PAL disc! I also ran Spiderman (RCE) Region 1 no problems, err scuse my lack of technical skills here, but I think Spiderman is NTSC?!?
RS also gave me a sheet of paper with the reginal hack, but I didnt need it as it was already set.
I had a look at the Toshibas (running NTSC) and whilst impressive I couldnt tell the difference between the 2, but the price and the PAL sold it for me.
There is no poweroff switch on the remote which is a bit of a let down, but I always take the disc out of the machine before turning it off anyway, so no great problem there.

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