Likely problem and worth repairing broken TV?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by jonboy99, Apr 9, 2005.

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    Hi all, i'm sure this is a regular kind of question but i'm not having much luck with the search function - I have the same problem with 2 TVs, one of which broke a year or so ago and has been sat in the loft, and another which has just done the same thing.
    The TVs were working fine then made a loud pop / bang noise and started whining. At the same time the picture went black.
    The red standby light is still on, but there is no sound other than the whine, which starts as soon as they are switched on, and is ear splitting.

    They are different TVs - one is a goodmans 28" and about 2 years old (sorry don't have model details here) and the other is an ancient mitsubishi 24" with a missing panel so no model details either!

    Are these symptoms classic for a blown tube, or is it worth me getting a repair? I really don't want to spend much cash so am hoping they might be a cheap fix, but don't want to cough up for the callout if it's obviously gonna be expensive to fix.


    PS this happened in two different houses so unlikely to be my mains power that has the problem! :D
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    They dont sound like the type of TV 's that you you would wand to spend much money on, you could save on the call out charge by taking them to a TV workshop yourself, some places give a free estimate. It does not sound like the tube has gone, it could be a simple repair??

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