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Like "wall sockets for speakers" thread


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I have LOTS of speaker cables making a home run back to my av rack. In addition 5 cinema speaker cables, I have 8 sets of stereo pairs for a multi-room system.

Ideally, I'd like to attach all of these to a speaker "patch panel" of sorts. This would be located behind my rack and would allow me to connect any amp to any set of speakers using speaker "patch cords".

The principal rationale is to help tidy cables but also make pulling equipment out easier.

I could use multiple sets of wall mounted speaker outlets but wondered if anyone knew of a single unit that would handle up to 24 speakers, preferably have binding posts for cable attachment (both sides?) and have minimal degrading impact on signal quality.

In addition, anyone know what these things (if they exist) are called so I might do a search?

Thanks in advance


Bert Coules

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Maplins do panel-mounting sockets (jack and phono) in singles and doubles, and I imagine they do larger panels with several sockets in rows. Try searching for "panel/sockets" or similar.

You could also try "jack field" and "jack panel".

Good luck.



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QED make some, i know cos i helped my brother install them in his last house! they don't degrade performance too much, well no to the extent that you would be p****d off by. can't remember how much they were but they are worth it when you see how much tidier it all looks, especially for 24 speakers:eek: :eek:

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