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I'm a bit of a dunce, but cant figure out what the connections on the switches stand for. There is an L an S and what looks like a an X but is an arrow crossed by a wavy line. I'm assuming L is Live but, not 100% sure. The manual is unclear to me.


You're right - I also found the symbols unintuitive, confusing to say the least when I installed mine.

L is Live
X (crossed out wavy line - good description!) connects to the load (bulb). The other end of the load goes to Neutral
S is only needed if you have 2 (or more) switches controlling the same light. In this situation, you just link all the S terminals together. You'll need 1 master switch, then the others are (cheaper) slave units.

I've been well impressed with my light switches & plug-in dimmers so far - apart from an early failure which they replaced immediately.


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Cheers supraTTman. That makes the job simple. Just a question regarding master and slave. I was told by another company that you only use slaves when you have 2 switch's in 1 room. For instance the hallway, or a large room with switch's at either end, is this incorrect?


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Now fitted and working. Work a treat and now paired with my Iphone.
Next thing I need to do set up a sequence if we're out overnight.
I have another switch to fit in my bedroom, but as I have 9x50wt downlighters, I will need to replace with LED's :(
I hope to have several rooms sorted in the next few months.

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